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Feel Organized with the Car Velcro Pocket! 

The car pocket velcro can hold your phone, cigarette, credit cards, receipts, glasses and other small items to make your car neater. The perfect size 40 x 25cm.

Perfect for the back seat for storage, in cars, for vans, trucks, and SUVs.

INCREASE STORAGE SPACE: The Car Velcro Pocket provides additional space in your car for bottles, sports equipment, groceries, essentials, and tools.  It will keep all the items secure from rolling around during a long bumpy drive. The most convenient and practical mesh organizer. 

EASILY INSTALLATION - Vehicle Organizer Easily and securely attaches onto the side of the door with the Velcro back. Only one step can be Installed or removed easily, no additional retrofitting is required to make the vehicle more secure.

STRETCHABLE - Easily stretch for making all the items secured in place without destroying them and also to have enough space for all the items. Attaches onto the side of the door or the wall with the velcro back easily and securely.