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No more neck pain with the perfect pillow! 

It helps to ease your neck pain and give the support you need while driving. Extremely comfortable and supportive, and perfect for the driver seat and passenger seat.

Designed to keep discomfort at all times, its ergonomic shape helps to boost circulation in and around the neck. The robust memory foam inside the cushion absorbs terrain shocks such as potholes, rough roads, and other driving obstacles and situations that can jostle the neck. 

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HIGH-GRADE MEMORY FOAM: The high-grade memory foam inside The perfect pillow achieves neck support that lasts for hours of prolonged use. The memory foam adjusts to the precise shapes and curves of the neck, head, and shoulders for personally optimized support. 

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Made with thick, high-density memory foam that can keep its shape, feel soft and comfortable with extra inner cover to avoid sweat and dust.

It is removable and machine washable.