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Remove ice and snow FAST with The Snow And Ice Brush! 

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Remove ice and snow from your car in an INSTANT with The Snow and Ice Brush! You will only need one! The Snow and Ice Brush are built to withstand heavy snowstorms and temperatures as low as -40°F. Long winters are tough, but this two-in-one brush is tougher. It will not crack, and it's soft to the touch.

It's never been easier to brush off the snow and scrape ice from your car. Break up the ice using the brush's integrated knuckles technology and easily scrape it away with the ice scraper. Instantly brush off loose snow from the car windshield, roof, door, hood, and side mirrors.


DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Quickly separate the brush and scraper for easier handling.

DIMENSIONS: 60cm x 11cm x 20cm, long enough to give you the additional length you need.



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