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Isn't it time to enhance your safety and driving experience?

Introducing our Extra-Wide Rearview Mirror

Get the clearest view of the road with the Extra Wide Mirror! This enhanced rear-view mirror is extra large and made of high-definition glass, providing you with perfect visibility for the road while maximizing your view with a wide-angle.
This convex rear-view mirror provides you with a wider-angle view and perfect vision, eliminating blind spots effectively for safe driving. With this extra-wide mirror extension, you can see the entire rear-view window, as well as some of your backside passenger windows and the upper half of your rear seats.

Our Extra-wide Mirror is a breeze to install. Simply clip it on to the existing mirror, and you're ready to hit the road with enhanced visibility.


The four clips of the Extra Wide Mirror firmly hold onto the original rear-view mirror to avoid shaking or falling off, even when driving on a highway or bumpy road. The Extra Wide Mirror also has a shock absorber, to reduce jittering and provide the most stable view.

Eliminate glares from car headlights and the sun in your rear-view mirror. The Extra Wide Mirror's anti-glare technology reduces those bright glares that blind you while you're driving, allowing you to see your rear view more clearly and increase safety while driving.

UNIVERSAL TYPE – The size is 30cm X 6.5cm or 27cm X 6.5cm and fits a 50-95 mm original mirror. Its stretchable-clip design enables it to fit all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans.


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