Our Story

My name is Kyle Lewis, and I'm the back-to-back Contractor of the Year and the creator of the CarCan. We are located in Toronto, Canada, right where I was born and raised.
Many people ask me how I came up with such a great idea. Well, about 4 years ago, I used to spend 12 hours a day in my truck, driving around and pricing jobs for my clients. I basically lived in that truck, and there was always garbage on the floor by the end of the workday. I would have coffee cups, drinks, straws, gum wrappers, food containers, work papers, you name it -- it was a disaster! That's when I got the idea of creating a garbage can for vehicles. At first, I was convinced that I would make it out of plastic, as you can see in some of my prototype emails from 2016, but I quickly moved onto high-quality fabrics and materials.
Long story short, after three years of hard work, I have finally created the perfect masterpiece. I have been through thousands of different samples and thousands of different types of fabrics, so I can promise you nothing but sheer perfection with the CarCan.
The CarCan is washable and reusable Saving Billions of plastic bags from the environment. It also makes a perfect storage bag or cooler because it is fully waterproof. 
Please pick up your very own CarCan today and understand that the CarCan is only available at www.carcan.com. Please do share the CarCan here below to help us get the word out about our product and help save the environment one car at a time!