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Remove Ice and Snow FAST with the Ice & Snow Brush! 

BUILT TO LAST: You’ll only need one, Ice and Snow Brush to withstand heavy snowstorms and temperatures as low as -40°F. 

Long winters are tough. The soft-to-touch, ergonomic handle is tougher. It won’t crack and will provide you comfort all winter. Brush off snow and scrape under the ice without damaging your Ice and Snow Brush. Break up ice with integrated knuckles and easily scrape it away.  Brush off loose snow from car windshield, roof, door, hood, and side mirrors.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Quickly separate the brush and scraper for easier handling or dividing up work; stores easily both while connected and detached

DIMENSIONS: 60cm x 11cm x 20cm,  long give you added reach for cars, brush head moves quickly across windscreens, ice scraper gets deep down under without scratching;